Flower power in a Swedish home

The way we play has did it again. Found one of those cosy Swedish homes filled with Svenskt Tenn classics. Patterned, flowery cushions and lampshades, brass elements, cermamic pots and tray table. This is at home by Nina Philipson who is the founder and CEO of Iconic Sthlm, a digital communication office.

See more pictures of the home here.


Home tour in Gothenburg, Sweden

I seldom find something to show from Hemnet (everything is wishy-washy and looking the same) but today I make an exception. This home is for sale in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am not looking at the apartment, but at the details that I like here. I spotted a few favourites on my list that I am every now and then thinking of. The marble pendant, table lamp, some teak chairs, the radio and Dagg vase...I also feel it is time to take a flea market tour soon. Maybe it is filled with some extraordinary Christmas things...

Have a nice evening and good start of the week.


Christmas at Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn has filled its webshop with a lot of Christmas beauties.
These are my absolute favourites this year!


Christmas wreaths

I have thought of Christmas DIYs lately. Easy ones. Pinterest is a real goldmine with inspirational tips. Maybe a wreath with pine cones or eucalyptus and ivy leaves this year?


Halloween gingerbread and pomegranate heart

In fact I am not celebrating Halloween in any remarkable way, but I notice that it has become more and more a gimmick also here in Scandinavia. To me it is less horror and more like All Saints' Day and a weekend for remembering all those that are not with us anymore. So here a little picture of this contradictory weekend. Cute gingerbreads that I found symbolizing Halloween and then a pomegranate heart for all the ones we are missing.

PS. I finally found a clever way to remove the seeds of the pomegranate. Do you want to hear? I have earlier struggled with this...
  • Just cut the pomegranate in two. 
  • Bend the edges of the halves to make the seeds loose inside.
  • Turn a half upside down in your palm and tap with your other hand. Make sure you are not close to white walls!
  • All seeds are falling neatly out in your hand and into the bowl below.
    Have a good evening!


Halloween DIY lantern

I have admired this Halloween lantern at Esmaralda's blog a couple of times already, yesterday and today. I was about to do it as I thought it would have been a cool paper lantern on my bookshelf  this weekend (with battery lights inside of course), but then my plans somehow crashed. I was too late on the run before everything got closed and did not find anything else than oddly shaped balloons, yelllow shining LED lights and no black tissue paper so I gave up. Maybe the stores are open by you today, so that you can still find "the ingredients" if you would like to do this. Anyhow Esmaralda has done it perfectly so just looking at the pictures is inspiring. See more on her blog here. It seems like quite an easy DIY tip as all you need is:

a balloon
tissue paper
a LED light

1. Glue newspaper and tissue paper on a blown up balloon.
2. Prick the balloon.
3. Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth.
4. Place a battery LED light inside. Not a candle!
All credit to Esmaralda 
Picture found via her Pinterest and blog


Cool stuff by The Oak Men

It is always something about Danish design and me. Maybe I have some Danish genes or have been Danish in a former life, but anytime I turn around some pot or whatever it might be in the stores, it says it is from Denmark. Spooky. So also here. I like the pure design of these details. Straight shapes without any ornaments or patterns, playful ideas, and wooden material as in our Scandinavian woods. All these things are designed by the Danish guys that form The Oak Men (you see the guys in the catalogue picture above as well. PS. I doubt they are for sale).

My absolute favourites are the big noticeboard (I blogged about it also here), cute ghosts, wooden trees, angels and mortar. How cool aren't they?


Bridget Bodenham ceramics

I stumbled across some really beautiful ceramics made by the Australian-based ceramist Bridget Bodenham. I really liked the cute teapot with black dots and all other cool ceramics with graphic pattern. Wow, I got that growing feeling that maybe you should try out that ceramics course some day after all...
Pictures 1 Pinterest | 2 - 4 via Design files | 5 Bridget Bodenham


October mood board

My therapy today. This mood board with beautiful things.


Christmas decorations by LE KLINT

I have tried to not show any Christmas pictures yet, but now I make a small exception. The white hearts by Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen for LE KLINT, which I wrote about last year here, are now coming in the new colours silver, pink and copper. Also the white origami stars are new for this year and designed by Tine Mouritsen.

A good thing with these decorations is that they are part of the Love & Light project, which brings light to those needed. Part of the income is for charitable purposes.
Pictures | LE KLINT


Beautiful home tour in Sweden

The most beautiful home by Ellen Dixdotter, Marketing Director at Filippa K.
I like the cosy style. The picture wall, kitchen chairs and floor lamp.
If you want to see the whole home and read the small talk with Ellen, visit The way we play here.
Photo via The way we play | Linda Alfvegren - Agent Bauer


Cinematic lightboxes

New cinematic lightboxes by Australian-based Page Thirty Three for Playtype. With these you can write your own message and change it according to mood. Lovely!
Pictures Page Thirty Three 


My new wall balls by Vitra

I saw these wall balls by Vitra for the first time this summer at a friend's house and thought they were so cool. Now I am so happy to have five bright magnets of my own! They resemble Vitra's Hang it all coat hanger in walnut that I bought some years ago. I will use these on my refrigerator as a splash of colour in my kitchen but I noticed that they look equally good to place anywhere around your home where you can fasten magnets. Today's tip! Design in a nutshell!