The Shop of the New

Københavns Møbelsnedkeri has opened a shop called The Shop of the New in Hellerup, Denmark. The shop provides own woodworks and furniture design as well as design treasures from all the world. I fell for the Københavnerstol (KBH chair) in natural or fumed oak (love the nuance and design), KBH mirror (one of the nicest mirror I have seen) and the Stoolesk in oak. A nice collection of fine Nordic wooden design.

Pictures 1-5 Bo Bedre | Picture 6 The Shop of the New



At Malin's

It is rough weather outdoors. Dark and early in the morning and the rain is pouring down my windows. But with a cup of tea and in soft clothes I am looking through this week's inspiration. These pictures from The way we play have remained on my mind. It is at Malin Persson's place, who blogs at Elle Decoration Sweden and whose home is also featured in the latest issue of the same magazine. I fell for the enormous plants everywhere with big lush green leaves (see more here). I always succeed in killing my plants by either watering them too much or too little. These look so healthy and nice!
Also the hydrangeas are green and good-looking eye-catchers.
The Christmas-like lamps. So nice! I am starting to get Christmas spirit. A bit too soon?
The dark evenings make me buy glittering chocolate candies à la Christmas and burn candles and lights everywhere. Not too bad season ahead at all.

Enjoy the day!


Beautiful October

Blazing colours on my autumn walk in the park.
Nature is so beautiful right now.
Like a sea of leaves everywhere!


October mood

I went nuts when I saw the flowery bomber jacket in a TV- interview today with Izabella Scorupco. A must-have! I am going straight to KappAhl tomorrow after work. Soo stylish!

I also collected some other details for the autumn decoration. Patterns in all forms and directions, dark glass, dark wood, dark colours, concrete and brass.

Bomber jacket | Kappahl
Dark knobs | Menu
Blue candle in the coulour "rain" | Iittala
Flowered cushion | GP & J Baker with Svenskt Tenn
Brass apple | Peroba
Grey glass lamp with concrete base | Iittala



KitchenAid | A new friend

Let me introduce my new kitchen love - a white KitchenAid! I am so happy about it because I have dreamed of this for such a long time already!
Of course I wanted  to test it out immediately upon arrival, and thought for a while what to bake. I decided to go for Leila's blueberry buns, as her recipes never disappoint you. And I can honestly tell, it was a real pleasure to use my KitchenAid. Those were the days when I got stuck with my hands in the dough and could not pour more flour without messing up the whole kitchen. Everything neatly inside the shiny bowl now and I did not have to do anything at all! Just add the ingredients, listen to the baking sound and do the dishes alongside of this. Multitasking in a nutshell. It felt so luxuriously and was so easy-peasy so I will definitely become a baking pro now! I just had to pour a little more flour once in a while and then the dough took care of itself and was soon ready to mould into buns.
Of course I also like that the stand mixer is a real beauty in itself and can stand all year round just looking good on the worktop. I think it is one of the most popular American interior details that have gained ground in the Scandinavian design homes.
KitchenAid is available in a variety of colours (see all alternatives here) and is a stand mixer of high quality. It was brought on the market already in 1919.

The stand mixer has been rewarded with a lot of design prizes and is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and San Francisco. And, not the least, in my home!


To follow more news about KitchenAid and other design brands marketed by Magentur, visit their home site and Facebook page.

*In cooperation with Magentur and KitchenAid



Wall art

I was glad to see this picture today. Reminded me of how nice those picture walls really are. Favourite art hung in different heights in a probably really well-planned way, but with the aim to look unplanned. I like. I just have to find that complete collection first. Or perhaps the idea is, that you fill up the wall little by little. I am just too organized for that... Emma hos has the ability to find interesting pieces and is an expert on these picture walls. Check out more inspiration here.

Picture via Stadshem, found via Trendenser


Old favourite

I found an old favourite the other day when reading old magazines.
This is the home of Evelina Kravaev Söderberg, Design Manager at H&M Home.
I fell for the picture to the left. Something to imitate for your walls?
Not too difficult but anyway graphically cool.
I save it in my inspiration folder!
And not the least. The Grand Prix chair in teak. My long-time dream.
Picture originally from  Swedish Elle Decoration 4 | May 2014


Morning light


A picture cavalcade from my Sunday morning.
Will be an easy agenda as I am trying to cure my cold for tomorrow.
With sunshine and tea.
Have a nice day!




Chilly autumn days are here and I have stocked up on new warms socks and jackets.
I made a mood board in icy pastels.
Usually I do not prefer pale colours, but they matched my mood today.


Living in Lund

Beautiful details in this sunny apartment in Lund, Sweden.
I liked the kitchen painting (not too difficult, but anyway cool), clothes hangers (need those, but in black),
chairs, candlestick, coffee table and ceiling lamp (always falling for birds...).
Have a nice evening and new week!
I will need a cup of tea and Pinterest tour now (follow me here).
Such a good cure and escape when feeling tired!


Marimekko news for spring 2015

A sneak peek of Marimekko's news for spring 2015. Some of the items in the pictures we know from before (I like the watercolour-inspired service), but the pattern from Kustaa Saksi is new. I especially like the red and blue bowl and plate in the last picture! The pattern is inspired by the seafloor and Kustaa's scuba diving!

I also have not seen the green mugs in the Sääpäiväkirja-series (~weather diary series) before. Look nice! I am hung up on mugs and as there are nowadays new series several times a year, it is starting to become a real dilemma. Two mugs of favourite patterns every now and then...would that be the solution? I have kind of started that trend when it comes to Marimekko's items. These are happily mixed according to the mood and season with the traditional, complete series from other brands.
Found via Trendspanarna


Pomegranate scent

I have had some real stress moments this week. My birthday is coming up and there has been a lot of baking et cetera ongoing. I had my friends over yesterday and got, among other things, this from my dear soul mate (thank you)! Of course she knows (and reads my blog). Candle with pomegranate scent! And I like the typography of it!

Today I take a break from the flour bags (one baking round left, phew...recipes anyone?) and go out and enjoy the autumn sun!