The sunny side of life

The birds are singing and I have been thinking about how to furnish my balcony and outdoor areas in general. The ideal would, of course, be to have several groups around a house as none of the chairs really fill all purposes in one go, but if you cannot, it is already a lot trickier. I would like to be able to eat breakfast and lie down and sunbath (with legs and everything) as well as lean my head when sitting! And if you put also the criteria nice and comfortable to this group, you see what I mean. Here are at least some nice findings, if you reduce some demands.
And all lovely flowers. I would like to have a real mix of colourful flowers.
Nature's and summer's gift!


Twin table

By Lassen's little sideboard Twin is out in the stores next week.
Lovely! I think it is very clever that the table top can be turned around so that you can
choose the surface according to your (changing) mood. Either a table with a surface in
black + copper or white + oak. A new favourite!
My spring holiday goes to an end now and I have really enjoyed it.
Most of my plans and wishes have been accomplished regarding home, exercise, friends, recipies, shopping, books, TV-programmes and events. Now I am listening to my favourite
station (here) and loading for a new week.
Bonjour Monday! I am prepared!


Lamp love

Tom Dixon launches newcomers to the Beat collection in April.
Table and floor lamps.
Also the pedants will get a new shade - grey with silver plate inside.
I see a new hot trend coming... What do you say?
The black newcomers spoke to my heart.
The lights will be shown at this year's Salone Internazionale del Mobile
trade fair in Milan from 8 to 13th April.



You have not missed that Boligcious' latest online issue is out now, have you?
I fell for these pictures with the numerous frames, cute little bird and vintage chairs.
   Source Boligcious


Blinded by the light

Sooo happy for the sunlight and that my holiday starts tomorrow!
My head is full of ideas and inspiration...
Good night!
Here comes a late mood board...


Architectural elegance

Cool framed picture, floor, balcony doors and work space lamps.
Yes, please!

On the menu

I wish I could order some inspiration and creativity from that menu!*
Because today I am just so tired...
A quick mood board with my new shoes as well as some colour + black and white inspiration.
I am thinking so much nowadays of what to start illustrating and how, but I never get it done.
Always something else on my mind. Hopefully soon!
Should I make more detailed illustrations or simply graphic ones?
The last picture illustrates that my spring holiday begins soon.
I saved my winter holiday for spring as it is much more fun to be outside then.
One week to go!
Good night fellows!
* something seems to have gone wrong with the menu writer's spelling...
we pretend we do not see it...


Happy interior

I completely adore the mix of black and white, colourful textiles, graphic design, danish furniture and retro patterns.

Happy Tuesday!




All in the details

I have a new favourite blog.
Gunn Kristin takes the most amazing pictures!
Check out her blog and photographs here.
Tones of blue in fresh Scandinavian style!

Blue porcelain


Today I am inspired by old tableware. When I first saw blue porcellain on the House of Philia blog in January I put my head on the side and thought... No, I do not like this. But how come? You see it for a while in the blogosphere and suddenly you find yourself looking for blue porcellain on the flea market. I would not buy any new pieces as I think this is at least for me a temporary fad, but a cake plate or something from the flea market would surely follow me home. This time I did not find the correct pattern, though, only other things in blue porcelain, that is, a plate from the Norwegian ceramist Kari Nyquist (see below) and... note to myself. Do not think too long. Of course someone else found the hiding-place under the other ugly plates and it was gone. Only afterwards I realized that this plate was made by a real known Norwegian ceramist.

If you like newer patterns, the plates for Arabia's 140th anniversary are a good choice, too. I only now realized that the "sun plate" that I also admired here, is now sold out. What a shame...

What are your opinions of old tableware? Do you also come to think of old memories, like grandma's plates with pattern? Blue, green and brown plates? I just picture them in a lilac arbour on a sunny summer day. I have to find a cake plate!

Now it is Sunday and I will be busy doing nothing. (Listen here. And...I thought that this song was much more modern than the other one that won). Which one do you like?

Have a nice Sunday!
What are your plans for the day?
Arabia 140th anniversary and Kari Nyquist plate





Saturday hello with fresh flowers.
Hope you have a nice weekend!


Interior gallery

Sunday feeling with this photo from the newly opened inspiration gallery by Alvhem. Here you can botanize among a range of old favourites taken by the real estate agency. Enjoy!

Photo: Alvhem


Spring mood

My dreams have come true. It is spring in February! This is something extraordinary and has never happened before. So a really big change compared to some weeks ago when I wrote this blog post. So no snow anymore and the birds are singing. No one could be happier than me. You could mildly say that I dislike winter and freezing. I celebrate this with a new spring mood board. In black!

I really want that leaf decoration...



Magazine cutting

As a change I just had to publish this magazine cutting. I run into it yesterday and often it is not the best and perfectly styled pictures that inspire me most, but the ones picked from real homes as they are mostly so genuine and reflect a personal style. I wish I had the real photos, but I hope you see something interesting anyway. This is the home of Marianne Kruse, founder and owner of the webshop Henny and My.
I myself like the variety of pictures on the shelf in good company with the black Gubi lamp. The Tom Dixon Etch lamps over the dining table and in the sofa corner have also found their perfect places. These Gubi and Dixon lamps have never really crossed my mind, but here they somehow look so right that they for the very first time speak to my heart and I see their design in a new light. Cool. I often have to see something many times before I suddenly get it.
The A and Tivoli poster, black and white cushion and the hooks on the wall also look nice. I could think of having dark or light wooden hooks for my handbags, too.
Pictures  | Henny and My blog
 Originally published in Elle Denmark


Light and lovely kitchen

Today's beautiful kitchen inspiration was found via Riazzoli.
I like the group of lamps, golden details and shiny marble surface.
Looks like that this sink unit can never be messy.
Nice isn't it?



Monday mood.


Happy Valentine's day

This owl from Architectmade is my new favourite.
The owl's head is attached with a magnet to the body so you can move it around
 to show different moods. Just like the other birds that can look up or down
 if they are sad or happy.
With these cute birds and wisdom about friends
I wish you a Happy Valentine's day tomorrow!
I am so glad for all of you that keeps coming back!
Take care!
1 - 2


Anybody home?

Sometimes even the fashion bloggers show us some glimpses from their homes. Here we knock on the door to Petra Tungården and take a look inside. Her apartment, with luxury golden and copper details, is for sale here. The lightbox on the wall is quite cool, too, isn't it? You can choose your own text also if you happen to live in a warmer place...

Mood board images



Kubus love

I like my Kubus candleholders in black and white so much. The design really lifts up the whole room and atmosphere around. Lately I have fallen for the Kubus bowl, too. Such a cute lite bowl for fruit, vegetables, nuts or sweets! Or why not as a flower pot? Today I spotted the lovley newcomer. In copper! Cannot get enough of these. Also the black and white ones are awesome!

Images by Lassen | Google | My second hand life


Flying fauna

This cute little bird was also found via the Boligcious Lookbook.
An illustration by Valero Doval.
Have a nice weekend!